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Americans for Radio Diversity

The mission of the non-profit Americans for Radio Diversity organization is to promote community- oriented commercial and public radio broadcasting. The scarce radio spectrum must include quality programming that is of, for and by the community. In order to promote local competition and local programming, we must reverse the destructive trend toward the anti-competitive, concentrated radio ownership in mega-media corporations. As radio listeners, our voices must be heard.

Americans for Radio Diversity's main function is to facilitate information sharing and communication among people in the United States dedicated to this mission.

The recent sales and consolidations of stations into mega-media corporations has created a tidal wave of discontent and concern over the direction of radio in America. Battles may have been lost, but the real revolution has just begun.

One primary activity of Americans for Radio Diversity is the provision of a moderated, low volume, e-mail announcement list for those interested in the cause of ARD and community- oriented radio progamming and broadcasting across the United States. Important ARD updates will be forwarded on a regular basis.

Radio news, info and links to sites about radio are available at:

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ARD spokespeople have conduction LPFM workshops around the nation, appeared on panels at SXSW and CMJ MusicFest and have also spoke to university media classes, done countless interviews and appeared on radio shows around the country. Please contact us if we can be of service.

AMERICANS FOR RADIO DIVERSITY is a non-profit organization.